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Welcome to faux real, a digital gazette highlighting life’s most savory moments. Sidenote: this is NOT thegeneral.com. If you are looking for an affordable car insurance quote you have grossly misfired.  Seek other domains. We deliver backseat societal commentary, and that’s it. I repeat: you CANNOT manage your policy or file claims related to automobiles, and you WILL NOT find any Shaquille O’Neal testimonials. 

I know you’re probably crushed about the whole insurance thing.  Our deepest sympathies.  Here’s what we can do; highlight the URL in the above paragraph, copy it, and paste it into Google.  From there, hit the “I’m feeling lucky” button,  and voila!  An adorable insurance website that can’t possibly be taken seriously.  If you expected this site to be Google, well, let us make it up to you.  Below, we attached the URL to Google.  Simply run the cursor over that while holding down on the mouse, right click, and select “copy”.  Are your eyes squinted? They should be.  Next, open a new tab, select “paste” in the address bar, hit “return”, and let your computer do the rest.  Enjoy Google.

We hope our web presence hasn’t been a complete inconvenience to you, and we completely understand if you decide to explore your new tool, Google.  Thank you for your time.


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