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Netflix And Till: Reinvigorating Your Fallow Soil

Millennials are evolving.

The newest pop culture craze of 2018 has hit the scene and folks, you won’t believe your eyes. After years of “Netflix and chill” millennial attention spans have turned to the alternative practice of “Netflix and till”.

The strange activity involves binge-watching episodes of West Wing while simultaneously transforming your land from crusty dusty topsoil to fresh churned dirt fertile enough to impregnate 72 virgins.

netflix and till

Having been through four levels of tiller certification courses, the positive externalities created by Netflix and Till are apparent to us. However, most of our readership has never had the pleasure of stirring up copious amounts of dirt and may not understand the craze. Here are all the benefits of N&T:

  • Fewer weeds in your garden so you can spend more time each day doing ketamine.
  • Tiller vibrations paired with an over the pants handy makes for a quick and easy cum n’ go.
  • Easily replace the gun in your Bumble profile picture with a tiller.
  • Potentially dig up buried treasure.

It’s yet to be seen just how popular this movement could get, but our data suggests there are approximately 1.5 million new tillers sold in the United States each year. That figure alone indicates the massive potential of Netflix and till. What a time to be alive.

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