Al Borland: Tim “The Toolman” Taylor Sanded My Nipples Off

DETROIT, MI — Al Borland, co-host of the hit DIY show Tool Time, has come forward with shocking accusations against Tim “The Toolman” Taylor. In his new tell-all autobiography, Screwed Up: My Trials and Tribulations at Tool Time, Al Borland has claimed that he endured years of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of Taylor during his time co-hosting the show.

Al Borland Tool Time


“I still remember that evening in ’93 after we got done shooting. I was taking my flannel off in my changing room and turned around to see Tim standing in the doorway with a Binford 9000 belt sander. He proceeded to unleash its industry-leading torque onto my nipples. His trademark maniacal grunt still rings in my head when I look in the mirror and see the scars,” reads a harrowing passage. Borland claims that his nipples were completely sanded off.

Borland is unable to seek legal retribution due to Michigan’s statute of limitations regarding power tool related nipple crimes. It is unclear if other cast members experienced similar abuses.

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