Putting Out the Feelers: Does Anyone Care If I Make Chili?

Unless you're SUPER anti-chili.

Hey, just putting out the feelers.  Does anyone care if I make chili?

chili 1

Yes I’m serious, chili.  A heaping vat of delicious, chili.  Beanless Texas chili.


Why, is that weird?  I promise it won’t get in the way of whatever you’re doing, I just wanted to be considerate and ask you first.  I’m going to do it either way most likely, unless you are super anti-chili.

chili 4

I’m not really sure why today of all days, just kind of feels like a chili day.  You know? Like one of those fall, overcast days that makes you want to shovel hot meat sludge into your body?

chili 7

Just FYI, I’ll need the kitchen for a few hours.  If the smell bothers any of you, I promise it won’t be super strong after a while.  Plus it’s a good smell anyways.  No apologies for that actually.

chili 3

I’ll throw it out there–if anyone wants to swing a few bowls, we can split the cost.  I know I’ll have a lot left over anyways.  Probably three or four Tupperwares of it in my mini fridge.  May be good on fries later in the week.

chili 8

Oh, you know what?  I’ll have to pick up some crackers and sour cream.  I know what you’re thinking, real chili doesn’t need the fixin’s.  I’ll get them anyway.  Not gonna be a douche about it.  Does anyone need anything from the store?

chili 9

You do?  Alright I’ll get those things for you, but know they’ll be bagged with chili ingredients.  Like raw cans of tomato paste and stuff.

chili 10

Hey, thanks for being so cool about this.  Chili isn’t something I crave all the time, but I’d kill for a bowl right about now.  I can already see the stringy melted cheese being lifted with that first hearty bite.  Then gently blowing the steam away.  Not in a sexual way, just in a “wow, this chili will be the perfect temperature in like 4 minutes” kind of way.

chili 12

Okay so I’m like really making myself hungry–I’m gonna go get the stuff.  What did you need again?  Alright cool I’ll see if they still have that.  Heard it’s slim pickings for that.

chili 13

Just want to double check, so you don’t care if I make chili?  Oh hell yeah.  You won’t regret this.  My taste buds are forever grateful.

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