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Career Fair Attendee Lands Sick Job at Info Table

"This was no inquiry.  This was an elevator pitch."

Rutland, VT—You bet.  

A big win in the mind of college sophomore Garrett Schofield last week as he landed an amazing job at his biannual career fair with the info table.

After taking two or three sheepish laps past nearly 75 booths with local business recruiters in the College of St. Joseph gymnasium, Schofield summoned the courage to grip his clammy hands tight around his CVS padfolio and begin a conversation with info table volunteer Lindsay Feining.  

“I was caught off guard when Garrett approached me at the info table,” Feining explained. “I thought maybe he’d want information on a specific company booth, or perhaps a place to stash his coat.  But when he started speaking nervously at an inappropriately high volume, it was clear this was no inquiry. This was an elevator pitch.”

At first, Feining, who works in admissions at College of St. Joseph’s, was simply humoring Schofield. As the ambitious Communications student went on, Feining became increasingly impressed by his eagerness to learn new skills and his extensive history with high school DECA. 

“I figured it would be foolish on my end not to at least give Garrett shot. I hired him right there and then, letting him execute the primary info table tasks for the remainder of the fair.”

It was later confirmed the fair wrapped up 32 minutes after that conversation.

“Uh, yeah, it’s exciting!” Schofield commented. His voice was quivering with adrenaline.

“I came in looking to pass out five resumes, and I left with some new transferable skills.  I’ll have to connect with [Feining] sometime soon to hash out how to put this on a resume. Gonna need more than three bullets, that’s for sure. Plus a lot of my buddies didn’t even make a full lap, so it felt pretty good.”

Schofield doesn’t know what he wants to do when he graduates, but “definitely something in Communications would be ideal.  [He’s] open-minded though, sports maybe.” 

Schofield left the gymnasium in a light trot with a pocket full of pens, stocking up for the next year.

“No one said I couldn’t take them.”



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