Top 5 Extreme Segway Tricks

To celebrate the 17.77th year anniversary of the innovation that changed the world forever, we've compiled a list of the gnarliest tricks ever witnessed in competitive segwaying.

To celebrate the innovation that changed the world forever, we’ve compiled a list of the gnarliest tricks ever witnessed in competitive segwaying. Before moving on, we have to warn our readers that these stunts are achievable but usually performed by professionals at their own risk. Attempting these gnarly maneuvers can result in serious maiming and expensive segway repair fees.

5. Gainer

Unlike other tricks on this list, this one is a well-known classic. Due to the imbalance of weight and the bloated chassis on most segs, the gainer is one of the most difficult tricks to land with real steeze. Also unlike other stunts, this one can be done in many different landing environments. If you’ve got a waterproof system and buoyant wheel caps, go ahead and try it off a cliff into the water below.

4. Backside 5050 360 Out Segway

A rail trick like this will require installing a titanium alloy pivot base and steel cover mats to ensure durability whilst riding the rails. The real tough part is getting a full rotation with your hips on that 360 out. If possible, hit the local YMCA up and put in some reps on the hip abductor machine or this one is sure to be a doozy.

3. Nollie 540 Double Dolphin Flip

Before you try this one out, make sure you’ve first mastered the nollie and the 540. The double dolphin flip can be done with ease once you’re able to consistently get about 16 feet of air off the nollie to allow the machine to vertically flip twice. For getting this kind off pop off your machine, it helps tremendously to invest in a pair of professional segway shoes. With ROLLBAR technology, owning these New Balance kicks will take you the upper echelon of the sport.mw813hbk_nb_14_i

2. Lazercork 720 Reverse-Mute


If you can pull this trick off on the halfpipe consider yourself the king of extreme-segway and expect to subsequently drown in a sea of pussy. There are only two recorded instances of this trick being performed successfully and those two riders have been out of the game for years. Professionals like Tony Hawk, Bob Burnquist, and Shaun White have all tried pulling this one off on a segway to no avail.

1. Reverse Double-Clutch Chimichanga 360 Off One

Although this one may sound more like a dunk/burrito eating contest move, it is truly the mother of all seg stunts. The shocker of seg. First of all, there are three critically acclaimed Morgan Freeman films and countless works of esteemed literature (Plato, Shakespeare, Hemingway, J.K. Rowling) through the ages about this trick. Even more surprisingly, alternate transcriptions of the Book of Genesis claim that God himself rested on the 7th day only because after creating Adam and Eve, he spent the entire second half of the 6th day trying to perfect the Reverse Dub Chimichanga 3. Besides God, the only successful attempt in a competitive setting was in 2008, when 43-year-old Dale Starks pulled it off on the concourse outside his son’s little league baseball game.

Similar to uttering the name of Lord Voldemort or drawing a picture of Allah, the technicalities of this trick cannot be discussed due to an active intellectual property lawsuit. Despite this, the maneuver can still be captured in video format. That said, if any extreme seg-heads out there are able to pull it off Faux Real will pay four times the amount that Worldstar offers for exclusive ownership of the footage.

Let us know below which trick you’re itching to try in your next shred sesh.

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