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Faux Real Review: Mesh Garbage Cans

Here at Faux Real, we find it important to inform our readers about misleading consumer products currently on the market.

Our first product review will be on the astounding mesh wastebasket. Take a long hard look at this item.
On a scale of 1 to a Pitbull greatest hits album, how fucking stupid is this thing?

First of all, think about the fact that some manufacturer somewhere spent the extra time and money to either weld, weave, or somehow make it so this worthless receptacle could have a consistent pattern of micro-sized holes.

Let’s reflect more on the obvious shitty qualities of this product. Nobody wants to smell garbage once it’s thrown away. That’s why we as humans keep our large garbage containers outside and spend extra money on scented-ass Glade garbage bags. But thanks so much mesh garbage can for having holes and letting everyone in the office look at and smell that weird coworker’s rotting Chipotle chorizo bowl for an entire work-week. What’s more, if that guy decides to leave a few ounces of his Fanta in his cup before throwing it away, those holes aren’t stopping any orange drank from getting all over the floor.

After reading my scented garbage bag comment, you might be thinking to yourself, “This guy is a dick, why don’t you just use a garbage bag with the mesh garbage can?” Here’s my answer to that: Why the fuck would you spend extra money on a garbage can with holes just to look at the white colored bag lining it? It’s ugly either way. Find a standard plastic container and get on with your life.

Can we also recognize just how pretentious it is to go out of your way to own this item. It’s like the innovative Silicon Valley office and the douchebag modern art museum decided to fuck in the bathroom of IKEA and conceive the mesh garbage can.

Unless you’re a dumpster diving hobo, trash is disgusting and oftentimes completely useless. There wasn’t any remaining utility provided by these objects to society for them to exist anywhere but a smelly landfill.

Now consider this.

The mesh garbage container cannot even perform well at holding useless shit. Can we acknowledge just how fucking below average a product like that is?

This piece of shit trainwreck of a product gets a 0/10 from us. To all the Americans in the market for a new wastebasket, you’ve been warned.

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