Parents Returning From Vacation Upset At Son For Letting Skunk Into House

untitled-1NAPERVILLE, IL- Upon returning home from a week long vacation in Mexico, a pungent smell tickled the noses of Dolores and John Peterson, parents of 17-year-old Dylan.

“Well my first thought was that maybe our next-door neighbor was growing a really strong Symplocarpus foetidus plant in his garage. I just don’t think Dylan would’ve let it get this smelly.. he always keeps a bottle of Febreze handy!” reflected Dolores.

“After we talked to the neighbors, Dylan felt guilty and confessed to us. Apparently ‘Pots’, one of his buddies from Chicago brought his pet skunk over and things got a bit unruly. We gave him a stern warning. I think it’s safe to say that this house will be skunk-free from now on!” replied John hopefully.

“Now we just need to figure out what this little contraption is that we found in the garage, there’s some water in it so it could be  a rain-gauge. Hmm… maybe those silly boys snatched it out of the Carol Wilson’s garden as a prank. We know how much she loves her lawn ornaments.” commented Dolores as she put on her bifocals to closely examine what is obviously a very expensive and frequently used dab-rig.

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